Topaz -London, Swiss, Sky…

Some varieties of topaz, which I can use in my items.

London Blue Topaz – the dark-blue topaz, sometimes it may have a very light green or violet tint. In the photo is not very clear, but in the life of this topaz look mystical and mysterious )) :

Swiss Blue Topaz – deep blue topaz, bright and glowing:

Sky Blue Topaz – lighter than Swiss Topaz, with a noticeable blue tint:

Aqua Topaz – like a Sky Blue, but more acidic color )) :

Ice Blue Topaz – like a Swiss, but also more acidic color )) :

Pink Topaz – just not blue but pink topaz )) :

White Topaz – white colorless topaz:

Topaz – one of the hardest minerals, transparent, glassy luster. Some topaz fade from prolonged effect of sunlight, change color upon heating and irradiation, sensitive to sulfuric acid. Pink saturated topazes, as well as a very rare red – valued most. Topaz – the only natural gem that has the same weight as a diamond.
99% of colored topaz on the market produced by thermal or irradiation processing of natural light-colored or colorless topaz – it is common commercial technology and the names of colors – it’s just a commercial name, no relation either to Swiss or to an ice ))
Natural blue colored topaz are very rare and can cost more than diamonds and red topazes – is even more expensive.

More items with topazes – in my shop ))


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