Some explanations about my items


Well, sometimes, my buyers to ask some questions and to delivering them from this necessity in advance to clarify some aspects of my work, I decided to write this post and answer to it.

Custom and personalised orders are available?
Yes, of course, I will glad to get it from you, but first please make contact with me. All my items with gems, displayed in my shop, can be made with another gem of your choice (except ready-to-ship items in SALE sections). I can offer some natural gems (little example you can see here), but if you want something other – ask me about it, I’ll try to find it for you. Of course, another gem may have another cost (more or less), so before order please obligatorily contact with me for adjusting the price of the product for you.

Can you ship by express delivery like EMS, FedEx or DHL?
No, sorry. In my country, all of these express services require excessive documentation to ship my items – in my case, I need to do documents about the composition of the metal, gem’s evaluation, the item’s valuation, expert’s opinion that this item is of no historical value and other … plus buy services custom’s broker for filling all these papers. As a result, for the execution of these papers, I need pay more money than the cost of my item and all it will take at least a week of time. So I use for shipping only our standard post service Ukrpochta and then standard post service of your country (USPS, as the example) with tracking.

Can I order your items in gold? or other metals?
No, sorry. I make my items only in silver and copper. I could do them in gold, but it would be too expensive (my products is not a small size and heavy :)) and I can not trust such expensive items to postal services – because in case of the loss, I’ll carry a very heavy money losses.

Can you make a custom engraving?
Yes, I can do for you laser engraving. Usually, it will charge $20 – or more, if the engraving is unusual, on the entire circumference of the ring or some more complexity. But maybe, you may find easier and cheaper to order engraved somewhere at your local jeweller.

Your items do not have the silver hallmark 925 – it is not silver?
Well, it is still 925 sterling silver any case)) I guarantee it by my reputation, and you can check it in any of your nearest jewelry shops. I do not put this stamp because it means nothing – you can buy at the same Etsy dozen stamps for hallmark silver and gold, and stamp them anywhere – but that does not mean that items will be gold or silver. If you really need this hallmark – I can make it if you specify in advance that when ordering – it will be a laser engraving and cost $20.

The black coating is strong? Not whether it will be ripped off?
Yes, it is quite stable. You can be engaged without limitation favourite activity – swimming in the sea and the pool, sunbathe, wash hands with soap and other. But please do not wash my items in aggressive chemicals and rub the brushes – I do not give a guarantee that it will survive after such mistreatment. But in any case, the finish look on all items will change with wear – it just happens as with any jewellery. It just will.

Your product has coloured my fingers in green…
Unfortunately, it sometimes happens. Very rarely, but it happens. You must know, I can not foresee for such cases. It is because standard 925 sterling silver in the alloy is have 92,5% pure silver and 7,5% pure copper. And it is the copper give so chemical reaction. This reaction may be due to:
a) the individual characteristics of the body (like as an allergy to copper for a small number of people) – reaction to the sweat
b) chemical reaction for some ingredients in soap, hand cream or other substances that you take to hand
c) a chemical composition of tissues clothes (dyes or whiteners) in case pendant

Cheaper silver (900, 835, 800) has the copper in alloy even more and give more reaction and more vivid green color. Note that can cause such a reaction, and first try to avoid such situations, avoid the use of such substances or take off the ring before using. Unfortunately, to make items with less copper and more silver in alloy does not make sense – such an alloy (e.g., 950) is very soft and easily deformed.

More information about this cases you can read here or here or here

Why my silver ring darkened and tarnished? What to do?
Because you did not wear it 🙂 No, this is serious – when the ring is wear, it is always self-polishing from your clothes and belongings. If it would just rest – the silver, as well as any metal, will be oxidised. To update it, you need to wash it with warm water and plain soap, dry and gently polish with a soft cloth. This is usually enough, if not – go to any nearest jewelry workshop, there will clean the special chemistry – but keep in mind that an aggressive chemical treatment can disrupt the black coating.

Is your ring fully filled with silver?
Well, my massive rings have a hollow back, you can see it in this photos:


My rings are massive and heavy, so I try to make them more lightly, but if this design is for you uncomfortable – let me know when ordering, I can do for you a solid ring, without the recess.

If you have any more questions – ask me right here or in Etsy convo


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