New Year discounts right now!

I know that sometimes you do not just look the pictures, but sometimes read what is written beneath them – so, if you like my items and dream about one of this, I advise to think about Christmas and New Years gifts right now. Why now, when before the New Year a lot of time? Because the manufacture takes me a really long time (handmade still) and delivery also takes time (especially before the New Year holidays, when the post services is overloaded) – in previous holidays I had to refuse some customers simply because I did not have time to make and deliver to the desired date.


Therefore, I advise you to think about the gifts
for your loved ones and for lovely himself right now!

A little later, when I’ll have a time, I will do discounts directly in my store, but right now –
Christmas discount – for you – right now!
So if you are before purchase in my shop will contact me
and say the code word “NEWYEARGIFT”
(preferably connect in Etsy convos, but you may ask it right here)
– the discount for you is guaranteed!
Up to 30% – depending on what you want to buy!
Ask me, write to me, we will have agree!

—–>>> MY ETSY SHOP <<<—–

At the same time I will be able to know how is effective advertising in social networks, ha-ha )))


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