War in Ukraine

In recent time, we are have frequently asked questions about the stability of our work in connection with the war in Ukraine and the unstable political situation. I want to clarify your vision, as a person who lives and works here.

I will explain briefly – we have everything works as it should work. Handling the mail, train ride, planes fly. Yes, we have in the country a bit difficult and sad, but how could it be otherwise, when your country is attacked? The war? As for the war … this is probably what is now called the hybrid war. We do not have a civil war, we have no oppression of people based on ethnicity. What is now happening on a small section of the Ukrainian territory – I would classify as international terrorism.

So I tried to show on the map of Ukraine where exactly we have war.


This is not a war in the literal sense, it is an region (a very small region relative to the area of Ukraine, about 7% of the total area of the country)  where a relatively small group of radical individuals with financial, resource (in the form of tanks, rockets, other military equipment, ammunition and weapons) and human (in the form of so-called “volunteers” and regular connections Russian army under them disguised) support concerned Russia are trying to divide our country. Well, since the previous President Yanukovych not had time for politically back Ukraine into Russia, Russia is trying to do it now by force. Beginning with the Crimea. But without the mainland Ukraine Crimea absolutely unsustainable – electricity, water, food – all this went to the Crimea from mainland Ukraine. So now Russia’s vital to have control over access to the Crimea with the mainland. But this program is a minimum and a maximum – the complete destruction of Ukraine as a sovereign state and its control over our territory. Unfortunately, information “support” from Russia is very strong – and as all the Russian (and not only) media working for foreign citizens, funded by the Kremlin – they show you all that is necessary to the Kremlin and Russia. Well, no wonder, russian president Putin was worked in the KGB…

And what do you know about Ukraine? Here is a little publicly available information. Unfortunately, none of the previous Ukrainian governments has not done enough to strengthen the position of our country in the world – either politically or economically. Ukraine – the largest country by area in Europe, the founding countries of the UN, and until 1996 was the third largest nuclear weapons arsenal (after the US and Russia) – which was given to Russia in exchange for assurances of friendship and inviolability of state borders of Ukraine. Today in Ukraine is home to around 42 million people, of whom about 77% of ethnic Ukrainians and about 17% Russian. Ukraine – not Russia. Yes, our country has long time been part of the USSR, but in spite of all the attempts of the Russian government to return to the past – Ukraine is very far from a past relationship. We have a new generations of people that do not have mind clouded with communist ideals and imperialist stamps.

Politically – we are like you. After our previous president (with the help of his clan robbed the country and collapse of the economy) fled to Russia, at the moment we have legitimate election of a new president Poroshenko – and an overwhelming majority (from 21 of the candidates, he scored 54.7% of the vote, the following followed by the candidate scored 12.81%, respectively, remaining even less). It was a terrific choice! In polling stations were queues and when stations was closed and have finished receiving ballots in 23.00 – the queue is still standing! – not everyone voters cast a time for vote. And our president still enjoys the support of the population, in spite of all the problems in our country – economic and political. Well, I got carried away …)) began about the war ended about politics)) sorry my bad english

So about my shop in this hard time – we work as usual – and even as far as we can see in the last 3-4 months – our mail service Ukrposhta has become faster – your orders began to come to you faster!!! But the time of delivery from our shop until we left the same –  in case you receive your order earlier – let it be a pleasant surprise for you 🙂

If we will have any changes – we will point out in our shop politics on Etsy.

Best regards,


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