Opals… magic and wonderful gems

About opals… it is expensive stones, especially rare and beautiful flowers.


Here is natural opal… 9,5ct… $1205 for 1ct… so this gem cost $11450 !!! The crazy price as for me…

I use doublets –  consist of two layers adhered together with glue:

  • A black backing which is made of either black industrial glass, black potch (colourless opal), hard plastic, brown ironstone or sometimes vitrolite.
  • A slice of natural opal. The edges of the slice of opal are generally rounded off (if there is enough opal) to give the stone a cabochon (domed top).

Doublets can usually be identified by looking at the side of the opal – if the stone has been adhered together you will notice that the line where the coloured opal and the black backing meet is perfectly straight. This is necessary for the two layers to be adhered together. If a doublet is set into jewellery with the sides covered, it is extremely difficult, even for an expert, to tell whether it is a doublet or a solid opal. Since the top of the stone consists of pure opal, it therefore appears exactly like a black opal, and doublets thus have a much more natural appearance than triplets.

Here the australian rainbow opals doublets…


You can see the black back layer?


Here the one of this opals in my ring:

industrial opal ring industrial opal ring industrial opal ring industrial opal ring industrial opal ring industrial opal ring industrial opal ring

If I do not say that there doublet – no one would guess, right?)

here available for buy 🙂


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