About gems in my items…

I do not grow a gems in my garden… sad, but it is true)))
All gems I buy from dealer, so the price of my products can vary greatly, depending on the gem’s price, which I have been using. And I found it necessary to make this post to make it clearer… for myself, in first place.))

At first, the gems, which I can use. I do not use very high cost gems for crazy prices, nooooo…. I use natural gems (if in my product a not natural gem – I always say about it).
Some natural gems are exposed from manufacturer, except faceting cut, additional processing to improve their properties – for example, they are heated to enhance color (as in the case of colored topaz …as example, Swiss or London Blue. Basically founded natural topaz are white (colorless) or brown; the natural coloured blue topaz is actually quite rare and therefore very expensive.)

gems… to be continued


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