Silver pendant “Trizub”

This pendant is steampunk variation of national emblem of Ukraine.
The national emblem of Ukraine is stylized image of falling in attack falcon (sokol). Solar Falcon (also named Rarog – also Roerich or Rurik) – was very old pagan totem sign of ancient Great Rus’.

Please do not confuse Rus’ and Russia. Russia, as the name of state (previously named Moscoviya) borrowed by tzar Peter I the Great in the early 18th century, but the Rus’ (also known as Kievan Rus” or Ancient Rus”) as the state has been known since the 9th century, with its capital town in Kiev.

The Sokol for ancient Slavs – is the first God and first bird of world (male hypostasis of God, complementary to female – the swan, named Utitsa). In Falcon reincarnated, according to legend, the God Rod, who influencing the fate of gods and men. According to ancient beliefs Sokol is a God born from a lightning strike, so Sokol Rarog is also sign of fire, Agni.
Later, the Sokol also was tribal sign of Rurik, the king of Great (Kievan) Rus’. Falcon was held in high esteem in the ancient Slavs warriors as a symbol of fair fight and honor as a whole, is an allegory of justice and integrity, is a metaphor of people who reject deceitful cunning, hypocritical and backstage action.

trizub_01 trizub_02 trizub_03 trizub_04 trizub_05

From each sold trizub we send the money for equipment a Ukrainian soldiers who protect the
freedom of Ukraine from Russian fascists.


here for buy


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